On the 24th of March, cardiac arrest survivor Stephen O’Doherty presented a defibrillator to the Alzheimers Society in Limerick. Stephen received the defibrillator as part of HeartSafety Solutions ‘Forward Hearts’ programme whereby they donate a free defibrillator to survivors of cardiac arrest for them to donate on to a suitable organisation.


Stephen O’Doherty, survivor with Dentist Derek Lombard and Dental Nurse Aideen Ryan

On the morning of the 20th of December last, 67 year old Stephen collapsed in the surgery of Old Quarter Dental on Ellen Street. Stephen was suffering from Ventricular Fibrillation,  a life threatening condition whereby the heart goes into spasm and stops beating. The staff assessed the patient as per their training and realised he was in cardiac arrest. They commenced CPR and fetched the defibrillator which they had purchased through the Irish Dental Association a couple of year previously. Dental nurse Aideen Ryan attached the pads and delivered one life-saving shock. Stephen was then transferred to hospital where he made a full recovery. Stephen is eternally grateful and knows he would not have survived without the quick intervention of the Old Quarter Dental team. ‘I would like to thank the staff of Old Quarter Dental for saving my life with the defibrillator, as I know I would not be here today without them’ he said.
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