fire awareness course

Fire Safety Training

Overview: Heartsafety Solutions deliver two fire safety programmes, Fire Warden & Fire Awareness. Fire Awareness is an informative overview session, enabling general staff to identify fire hazards, play an active role in safety & help in fire prevention. Fire Warden equips employees with a comprehensive knowledge to assist them with their fire safety duties. We are a recognised training provider delivering interactive sessions. Our tutors are professional, hold IFE qualifications and have a backround in fire safety. Fire Warden Course Content: (Option 1) fire safety course
  • Detailed view of fire safety
  • Roles, responsibilities
  • Legislation, compliance
  • Fire prevention, detection, warning
  • Emergency escape, drills, signage
  • Fire fighting
  • Fire extinguisher demonstration & discharge
  • Site specific information
  • Duration: 4 hours
Everyone takes away a Fire Safety handout, EMS card, Pens Award: Fire Warden Certificate Valid: 2 years Hearts Safety Contact Us Today Fire Awareness Course Content: (Option 2)
  • Overview of fires in the workplace
  • The law, basic fire principles
  • Fire prevention
  • Fire extinguisher demonstration & discharge
  • Duration 2 hours
Award: Fire Awareness Certificate Valid: 2 years Hearts Safety Contact Us Today