Public Access DefibrillatorsPAD 350 Defibrillator Heartsine Exclusive: Forward Hearts for all survivors of SCA, saved by our PAD. Receive a free defibrillator. In 2014 we had the privilege of donating 9 PAD's to Irish people saved with our devices Size matters in a rescue, react with our durable 1.1kg Made in Ireland, Click here to Buy Online PAD 350 Powerful Performer   pad pak with 2 pads Easy-to-Follow Visual and Voice Instruction. User-friendly. guiding you every step of the way "Attach pads,” “Do not touch the patient,” and “It is safe to touch the patient”. Two-button operation. ON/OFF & SHOCK Includes:
    • Unbeatable 10 Year Warranty
    • 4 Year Battery & Pads
    • Easy Access Carry Case,
    • BLS Kit Stocked With Rescue Mask, Gloves, Razor, Shears, Wipes..
    • Free Upgrades, Event Review, Lifetime Support, CPR Charts
Rescue ready: Device automatically runs self check. Protects all types of casualties. Adult & Pediatric Pad-Paks available Click here to Buy Online
PAD 350 Defibrillator Heartsine Superior Design
  • Lightweight 1.1kg leaves them all behind
  • Easy to follow graphics with voice prompts
  • Visual Display IndicatorIP56 highest in the industry
  • Paediatric clearly differentiated from adult victims. (No switches)
  • PAD’s are pre-set to maximum volume. Adjustable but not recommended
  • FDA & CE Approved
A CE mark indicates that general safety criteria. FDA approves defibrillator standards. Only the best built AED's have certification from the Food and Drug Administration. AED’s are assessed for their safety, efficacy, quality, and performance. Without this approval defibrillators are not fit for sale in certain countries. FDA ensures user protection, validating clinical trials and regulates medical devices. Click here to Buy Online

Essential PAD Technology

SCOPE™ Biphasic Waveform The PAD delivers a Self, Compensating Output Pulse Envelope (SCOPE) biphasic waveform. Automatically optimising the waveform pulse envelope (amplitude, slope, and duration) for a wide range of patient impedances. SCOPE™ incorporates an escalating energy protocol of 150 joules, 150 joules, and 200 joules. The duration of each phase is automatically adjusted to compensate for varying patient impedances PAD 350 Defibrillator Heartsine Pad-Pak™ The critical link contacting the patient to the defibrillator. Our Pad-Pak™ improves the ability to deliver life-saving energy to the patient. Electrode technology uses a patented construction method to provide a rapid recovery time (reducing the delay between Shock and CPR). Innovative approach to maintenance by incorporating the AED electrodes and batteries into one cartridge lasting 4 years. Pediatric-Pak™ built-in intelligence and unique cartridge ensures the appropriate energy level is delivered for children. Two parts, one expiration date = Low cost of ownership. Excellent value 4 year Battery & Pads Saver EVO Software. Constantly examining rescue details from our events all over the world. Extensive scientific papers backing our PAD Technology. Event management system. Configure and download data for easy retrieval. Packaged with SCOPE™ Biphasic, Pad-Pak™, Advanced and Stable firmware combine for amazing performance PAD 350 Defibrillator HeartsineCutting edge tech This algorithm will evaluate the patient’s ECG to ascertain if a therapeutic shock is appropriate. If a shock is required, the PAD will charge and advise the user to stand clear. If no shock is advised, the device will pause to allow the user to deliver CPR. Motion detection algorithm, ICG analysis to detect chest compression artefact and other forms of motion Online Sellers The internet is great for buying consumer products but caution must be used when buying medical devices from internet sellers. Anyone can setup a website selling AED’s, more worryingly disappear in a click too. Heartsafety Solutions are established to support our loyal clients future needs. We believe we are the best at defibrillator after care but our reputation for satisfying customers motivates us every day. Issues people experienced buying AED’s online include: Additional hidden charges, language barriers, poor aftersales, tax liabilities, unknowingly agreeing to unacceptable terms, warranties valid only in country of origin etc. It makes sense to purchase from the Authorized Irish Distributor you are guaranteed exceptional customer service as required. Speak with one of our team today Click here to Buy Online