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contractor management system

Dulann Heartsafety Portal

Contractor Management System

"Give the responsibility back to contractors to do their own admin and heave it up-to-date”

One branded Central Location for information across Multiple Sites and Multiple Projects. Prequalify and Approve Contractors in "Real-Time" (Safety Statement, Insurances, Environmental etc).

Streamline Project Approval Quickly & Efficiently (Method Statements, Risk assessments etc). Easily configured to meet your own Company or Site-Specific Workflow requirements.

Operational in SME's & in Businesses with over 20-billion in Revenue. No more wasted time on spreadsheets and excessive Administration.

Workplace Safety Procedure

Real-Time Visibility

Significantly increased compliance by having clear 'Real-Time' visibility of all your contractors documents and information.


Approved Contractor List and Non-Compliant Contractor List on a Red - Amber - Green 'lIve' monitoring dashboard.

Mobile Enabled App

Make contractors responsible for their own paperwork admin via an easy to use online and mobile-enabled app.

Talk to Garreth

Sales Manager

Garreth joined HeartSafety in 2013 and is now the sales manager. Aside from his sales role, Garreth also assists customers with Health & Safety queries, having recently completed a BSc in Health & Safety. He is a member of IOSH and keeps up to date with developments in the OHS industry. In his spare time, Garreth enjoys running and plans to complete the Dublin City Marathon this year.