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How Do Defibrillators Work?

Dave | Jul 9 2021 | 2 min read | News

What are AED Defibrillators


Defibrillators are essential, life-saving pieces of medical equipment which are used to treat sudden cardiac arrest often referred to as (SCA). In the case of sudden cardiac arrest, AED defibrillators administer a shock in order to the heart in order to restore normal rhythm. Due to their relatively small size, AED defibrillators can be stored in almost every conceivable environment, from beaches to train stations, and everywhere in between, we are rarely too far from a defibrillator. AEDs also come equipped with clear, easy-to-follow user instructions, allowing the user to act quickly in the event of someone suffering from SCA. 


Here at Heartsafety Solutions, we not only provide these defibrillators, but another of our core aims is to provide unrivaled education when it comes to using defibrillators, as well as various other types of health and safety training.





How Do Defibrillators Work?


Now that we know what AEDs are and what they do, we need to find out exactly how they work. In the case of SCA, an AED will automatically detect whether or not the victim’s heart is in a shockable rhythm. Once the AED has detected an abnormality in the rhythm of the patient’s heartbeat, the defibrillator will then administer a shock in order to return the beating heart to its normal rhythm.



Who can use an AED?


There are common misconceptions about AEDs, with some people making the hugely false assumption that using an AED requires training. On the contrary, AEDs are designed specifically to be easy to use. Each AED defibrillator is equipped with a clear guide on emergency AED procedures and the steps you should follow in order to administer live-saving treatment quickly and effectively should this be required. In relation to sudden cardiac arrest, failure to act immediately can have grave, life-threatening consequences for the victim. This is why it is hugely important for us to have the confidence to use an AED immediately when the need arises. 



Who Needs AEDs?


Whether it is your local community sports club, a corporate office, or a local cafe, the simple fact is that we all need an AED. Buying a defibrillator may not always be something we think about on a daily basis, however, in light of recent events in Euro 2020, defibrillators have gained more prominence than ever in the public eye. The lifesaving treatment administered to Christian Eriksen has shone a light on just how unexpectedly sudden cardiac arrest can strike, and how it can affect anyone. 


Here at Heartsafety Solutions, our aim is simple. Save more lives.