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AIVIA AED Protect Solar Powered Outdoor Defibrillator Cabinet


Solar Powered defibrillator (AED) cabinet with remote monitoring



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Solar Powered Outdoor Smart AED Cabinet

The Aivia SOLO docking station is fully energy self-sufficient and uses a patented technological innovation.

Monitors and Protects the defibrillator while maintaining the medical device within the manufacturers recommended operable temperature range.

Energy is stored using patented PCM (phase change materials) technology.

(12 week lead-time)




AED Monitoring

  • Remote AED Status monitoring using Sigfox network (old RTE TV network)
  • No need for wifi or SIM card
  • Automatic alerts:

– Door Opened

-Status Indicator not OK

-Internal/ External Temperatures

-Battery/ Pads reaching expiry

-Real-time monitoring via any web browser


Easy Installation

  • Fixed to ground by 5 anchoring points
  • No electrical connection required
  • Wireless IoT functionality
  • Customised visual instructions on all sides.






Supporting Documentation