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Little Anne Light QCPR 6 Pack


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Set of 6 light Little Anne manikins all stacked together in a convenient wheeled suitcase.

Manikins are bluetooth enabled for connection to the QCPR app providing objective feedback for training quality improvement.

What’s included:

  • Stackable light manikins (6)
  • Manikin faces (6)
  • Manikin filters (60)
  • AA batteries (12)
  • Manikin wipes (24)
  • Wheeled suitcase (1)
  • User guide (1)
  • Warranty (1)
  • Important product information (1)
  • Human-like feel for chest compressions and breaths with visible chest rise
  • Ability to practice head tilt, jaw thrust and nose pinch manoeuvres
  • QCPR sensors (feedback technology) for compressions (rate, depth, release) and breaths (rate and count)