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Citizens Save Lives Ass. Ltd. and the German association Citizens Save Lives e. V. launch groundbreaking campaign 2:1 – double life protection for business and home!

Dave | Nov 15 2023 | 2 min read | News

11.11.2023 In an unprecedented move to promote lifesaving, the two associations Citizens Save Lives Ass. Ltd. (Dublin) and Citizens Save Lives Ass. (Kissing) today announced the nationwide “2:1” campaign. In the period from November 11, 2023 to December 15, 2023, the association aims to equip not only companies but also private households with defibrillators.


The “2:1” campaign stands out due to its pioneering strategy: for every additional defibrillator purchased by a company, Citizens Save Lives Association and Bürger retten Leben e. V. will provide a defibrillator for private use in a household free of charge. The aim is not only to improve safety in the workplace, but also to promote saving lives at home.


The two non-profit organizations “Citizens Save Lives Ass.” (Dublin) and the association Bürger retten Leben e.V. (Nuremberg) are launching a pioneering campaign that will make a lasting improvement to the lives of people in our community. Under the motto “2:1 – double life protection”, the associations are setting an example for more safety and health in our everyday lives.


The benefits of this initiative are manifold. Companies not only get the opportunity to emphasize their responsibility for the safety of their employees, but also contribute to increasing the general availability of defibrillators in the community. At the same time, families also have the opportunity to strengthen their own lifesaving skills by gaining access to a defibrillator for home use. “With the ‘2:1’ campaign, we want to make the life-saving technology of defibrillators widely accessible,” explained Jochen Müller, CEO of BrL and Volker Brand, co-founder of CISALI. “We believe that the combination of corporate commitment and private provision can make a significant contribution to safety in our society.”


The campaign starts on November 11, 2023 and runs until December 15, 2023, and companies and individuals are invited to actively participate in this pioneering initiative to create a safer and more secure environment for everyone.


The defibrillators purchased as part of this campaign meet the highest safety standards and come with free online training on how to use them correctly. The associations also offer comprehensive educational campaigns to raise awareness of the importance of defibrillators in society.


Further information on the campaign and how to order the defibrillators can be found on the website of AED supplier MedX5 GmbH & Co. KG, which is responsible for logistics, delivery and service. Information on the association of Citizens Save Live Ass. Ltd. International: Headquartered in Dublin and provider of the independent, free, manufacturer-neutral and global SOS emergency defibrillator app “CISALI”.

Contact: Volker Brand, [email protected] Information on Bürger retten Leben e.V. Bürger retten Leben e. V. (Nuremberg) is a non-profit organization that promotes first aid, emergency preparedness and civil courage in society. The association works with experts from various fields to develop innovative life-saving solutions and promote a safe and supportive community. Contact: Jochen Müller, [email protected]