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Solar Powered AED Cabinet

Dave | Jun 23 2023 | 2 min read | News

Letterkenny Golf club became the first Golf Club in Ireland to install a solar powered defibrillator cabinet.

A risk assessment highlighted the need for an AED at the furthest point from the clubhouse, as there was already an AED located near the changing rooms. Unfortunately there is no power at this location, which would be required to power an Outdoor defibrillator cabinet. Therefore a Solar Powered cabinet was the only option. The Aivia Solo supplied by Heartsafety Solutions not only maintains the AED within the correct temperature, it also connects to the internet for 24/7 ‘self-monitoring’. This means should the AED fail a self-test, the cabinet will send an email alert to pre-determined email addresses. It will also send alerts if the cabinet door is opened or if the battery or pads need to be changed. The Aivia Solo cabinet will continue to protect your AED even if there are a few days of no sunshine, due to patented Phase Change Materials (PCM) technology.