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Solar Powered AED Cabinet

Dave | Sep 9 2022 | 2 min read | News

Outdoor storage of AED defibrillators has come a long way in the last 10 years. Originally, outdoor AED cabinets, were simply temperature controlled boxes, with a thermostatically controlled heater that maintained the internal temperature to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

A couple of years ago we added ‘connectivity’ to the available functions of external AED cabinets. This allows cabinets to connect to the internet and send automatic alerts for any issues such as:

  • Door Opened
  • AED Removed from cabinet
  • AED Status indicator not OK
  • Pads expiring
  • Battery expiring

Now out latest cabinet offer all of the flexibility of solar power but with all of the connected technology. Thanks to patented PCM (phase change materials) technology, it will keep the AED within the correct temperature range and thanks to SigFox radio wave technology, will connect to the internet using the old RTE TV frequency for automatic monitoring.

Using solar power means you do not need to worry about access to mains electricity giving much more flexibility on location than ever before. No more expensive digging up paths or roads, no more compromising on the correct location. Here are some examples of possibilities:

  • 9th Fairway of a Golf Course
  • Along one of our many Greenways
  • Along a beach
  • Far corner of a football or GAA pitch, away from the clubhouse
  • Middle of a park or recreational area
  • In a busy main street (no need to dig up roads or paths)

Please note, there is a 12 week lead-time for new orders.

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